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2 Brand New Programs Released!

Last month we released the programming page here on and the feedback has been outstanding. We started with a "Beginner At Home" program geared toward clients interested in learning new movements and working on their form in the comfort of their own homes. We also introduced the "RippT Xtreme" program for the more advanced clients who really needed to be pushed at the gym. Because these programs have received such great feedback, we are working to create more exclusive and effective programs for you. For February, I wanted to release two brand new programs: Intro to RippT! and Xtreme 2!

Intro To RippT

This program is for Intermediate level clients. I have created this program for people who are familiar with the gym, but are ready to try something new. There are many movements you may be familiar with, but we work on supersets and circuits to really challenge your body and get you sweating. We start with a benchmark week to help you gage your strength with some essential exercises. From there, the program helps you increase your strength and endurance!

Xtreme 2!

This 4 week program is an extension of the RippT Xtreme Program and has a very similar setup. We start with 2 weeks of new workouts that challenge different muscle groups and get you sweating. For the 3rd and 4th week of the program, we return to similar workouts, but with modifications to help challenge us even more. This program was created to work your muscles in new ways. I want you to see if you can reach and surpass your limits. I have done every single workout of this program myself in the gym and it worked in the best way possible. See if you can keep up and destroy this program!

What programs would you like to see next? I am aiming to release new programs every month and would like to create programs based on our members different goals. I have some ideas of what programs I would like to do next, but your input is always appreciated.

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