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Easy Morning Water Challenge!

If you saw the blog post from a few weeks ago about water consumption, you saw only a few of the benefits water can have on your health. Now, I could make a challenge to reach your daily limit of water intake, but I wanted to start off with something even easier.

Here is the Challenge!

I want you to drink 16oz of water before you have your breakfast or your morning coffee. 16oz is about the same amount of water that's in a plastic water bottle.

Why this challenge?

How many of you drink coffee in the morning to wake up? I will admit, I need my coffee every morning just to get my body moving. Well, although coffee does have caffeine which does give us a jolt of energy, it also is a diuretic. This means caffeine will make your body produce more urine and actually dehydrate you.

Now think about it...

Before you go to bed, what is one of the last things you do... pee.

When you wake up, what is one of the first things you do... pee.

Then you go to the kitchen, and what is the first thing you reach for?... Coffee, which does what?... makes you pee.

Besides the water in the coffee, you have used the bathroom 3 times before you have had any sufficient amount of water. By having at least 16oz of water, you are replenishing that water that you have lost overnight. This in turn will help recharge your body and start your day with a positive action. I have noticed a huge change in how I feel in the morning just by making sure I drink a good amount of water before I have my morning coffee. Starting this habit has also made it easier to continue drinking water throughout the day.

Try this challenge out for a week and see how you feel. I guarantee your body will thank you.

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