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Issues with the Videos, Fixes, and Updates

It has come to my attention that many people have been having trouble accessing the videos page. I am not 100% sure what has occurred; however I do know that Wix (the website developer that I use to create and manage this website) has now made it possible to add video subscriptions to pricing plans. Before, the pricing plans, such as the plan used to gain access to the Programs Page, was very separate from the content on the Videos Page, simply because that was the only way to set it up. Recently, Wix has made updates, and now access to the videos page is similar to access to the Programs Page.

What does this mean, and how to I get access to the videos page back?

If you sign in to your account and try to access the videos, but it is not letting you, that means that you are experiencing this same issues. To help resolve this, go to . There you will see options for the RippT videos program. It says $25, but it comes with a free trial at the moment in order to apologize for the inconvenience. Sign up on this page instead. Please reach out to to for any additional questions/concerns/etc. Again, I am very sorry this occurred.

What is exciting about this change?

Now the one GREAT thing that came out of this, is that there is now a way to to create an ALL INCLUSIVE plan. For $40/month you can access the RippT Premium Package. With this package you get access to the Programs Page ($20 value), videos Page ($25 value), discounts on ALL In-Person Classes (%20 off), PLUS first looks and access to future content and classes coming in the fu