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Offering New Programs

Last Month we released 2 new programs, and this month we have released 1 new program, all available on Programs Page . Each program is geared toward different levels and goals, but all will help you obtain great results.

1. Quick and Nasty

The newest addition to the Programs Page is the "Quick and Nasty" program. The name is a good indicator of how this program has been set up. Each workout will only take you about 30-40 minutes to complete with an optional Extension at the end of each workout if you would like to take an additional 15-20 minutes to really burn out the targeted muscle groups. Now just because the program is short, it does not make it easy. I was wiped after each one of these workouts and can say that I was definitely feeling sore from working my body in such a fast and intense way. This program is geared toward intermediate and advanced clients with access to a full gym. Most of the movements are familiar, but with short rests and EMOM style workouts, your heart rate will jump, your nervous system will be shocked, and you will test your strength and endurance with each workout. For my intermediate clients, use lighter weights at first and/or lengthen the rest periods as needed. My advanced clients, see if you can push yourself and keep up.

2. Mass and Strength

After completing the Xtreme 1 and Xtreme 2 program, I felt like it was time to try and increase my strength. I was happy with the results I was seeing and feeling, but I wanted to increase the weights I was using and also put on a little more muscle mass. This led me to create this Mass and Strength Program. Each day focused on some essential strength building lifts that will help us grow. We generally focus the first part of our workouts on a smaller rep ranges (3-6 reps) and longer rest periods to really use our maximum power and find heavier weights that we can manage. The second part of the workout tends to return to the hypertrophy and muscle growth portion of training by slightly increasing our reps and decreasing rest times to promote muscle growth. This program is a great way to increase strength without having to lift a 1 rep max. I recommend slowly increasing the weights to find your threshold, and then possibly repeating the program once you finish to see if you can increase your weights even more.

3. Gym Rookie

Its exciting to know that we also have many people who are new to working out or may be returning to the gym after a long time. This program has been made to introduce you to a wide range of exercises you can do at the gym. We only use dumbbells and stationary machines that are available at most standard gyms. The point of this program is to teach you how to use some of the available equipment at the gym and also introduce you to some new forms of resistance training. Having the knowledge of how to workout, how to use the equipment, and how to perform movements with correct form, is the most important thing we can do at the gym, and this program has been created to help you do just that.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to reach out, you can use the contact form here on the site, or email me at

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