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Programs are now LIVE

This is what many of your have been waiting for! Programs are now available on the site by going to

What do the Programs entail?

These Programs are tailored to help you reach your goals. Previously, we have only offered a subscription service to all of the workout videos in our library. Although those are great workouts, these programs are more goal and level oriented. You can find a program that best fits your goals and current fitness level in order to train more efficiently. You will learn new exercises, challenge your body in new ways, and see the results you have been waiting for.

What Programs are currently being offered?

With the launch of our Programs page we have released 2 different programs.

  1. The First Program to be released is the "Beginner At Home" Program. This Program is perfect for the people who may be just starting out and don't know exactly where to start. This Program is a 4 Week Program that can be done at home with just your bodyweight. There are 4 written workouts per week plus 1 cardio day that I leave up to you. Each week we focus on a new aspect of fitness to give you the knowledge to continue on your fitness journey. The workouts are anywhere from 20-45 minutes long and they challenge your stability, endurance, and strength.

  2. The Second Program we released is the "RippT Xtreme" Program. This is for the advanced clients who are very familiar with the gym, but who may not be seeing the results they are looking for. This program is made to test your strength, endurance, and athleticism. Each week consists of 5 written workouts plus one cardio day that I leave up to you. Each workout is 50-70 minutes long and you will need a gym to complete the program since we use different equipment throughout. There are 10 unique workouts written for the first 2 weeks, and then we repeat the workouts (with some minor adjustments) for week 3 and 4 to revisit some of the new exercises, increase the weights we used in the previous weeks, and get a second chance to do push ourselves even more.

What will be coming in the future on the Programs Page?

We want to keep giving you more content and more options to choose from, so every month we plan to release at least 1, if not 2 or 3, new programs for you to try. We know the current programs that have been releases do not fit everyone's needs, and our main goal is to provide different programs so that anyone can find a program that works well for them. With that being said, our next programs that we are considering are:

  1. RippT Strength Essentials: An Intermediate Program for people who may need that extra push at the gym to build muscle and increase their endurance.

  2. RippT Beginner at the Gym: After completing the at home program, its now time to get those muscles working and add some dumbbells and resistance.

  3. RippT Women: A program geared toward women's fitness and helping women target their bodies in a more specified way.

  4. RippT Build: A strength program made to build mass and strength. If you want your muscles to grow, this program will be for you

  5. RippT Xtreme 2: You wont be left with just one version of the RippT Xtreme Program. Another Program to test your limits!

How much does the Programming Cost?

The Programming Subscription (RippT Elite) costs $20 per month and you will have access to ALL programs, not just the ones you may using. This way you can try different programs at any time and check out different workouts if you want to switch it up. This is a separate charge from the $25 video plan. We are working on offering packages and discounts in the future to members who may want to access different areas of the site, but unfortunately these are 2 separate charges and features at the moment.

Can I try the Programs before I purchase the Subscription?

Yes! Anyone can try the 5 day Free Trial to the RippT Elite Subscription plan. If you love the programs, you will be charged after the 5th day. If you decide that you do not want to continue with the programs, simply cancel your plan within the first 5 days.

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